The End.

All musical activities by me are ceased as of today. Thank you for your support.

KrrKrrKrr, The Netherlands.

Bitch Per Minute – Format \\WWW\*.* Released!

18 Bitch Per Minute Songs via Bandcamp, released on April Fools Days 2019.

Check it out HERE!

KrrKrrKrr – seX released!

It took a while but here it is, the new seX EP by KrrKrrKrr, featuring 6 songs which includes the 2018 versions of ABS and End Of Days as well. Find the player HERE!

KrrKrrKrr - seX (KRR148)

KrrKrrKrr – seX (KRR148)

BM – Akatsuki (Orchestral Version)

I’m usually doing music or playing games in my spare time. Sometimes I also remix for fun, and that can be any song I like. Here’s a version from Akatsuki by Babymetal:

Actum Ne Agas – (Too many) demos!

Finally, it’s re-re-re-re-re-re…released. All 13 Acts now included with 4 bonus versions of 3 Acts. I had to recreate a few instruments though, some sound similar, some totally not.

After all, one of the weirdest albums (read: demos) I’ve ever done. Melodic, moody and can make you cry if you got used to my harder previously released works.

Check KRR120 here!

PS: Not all songs can be listened to on purpose.

The Wannabe Project

Finally released as well, took me 15 years to do it. 6 Versions on the digital release including mixes by Ex Livid and Bitch Per Minute! Oh yeah baby… ^_^

For only 2 lousy Euros it’s yours… Oh, and the pre-listen for the BPM mix has been disabled on purpose. Come on folks, I need a holiday too! Can’t even afford myself a bus ticket to visit my parents anymore!

See its page HERE.

Ex Livid – While You Stitch (Overdose)

Edit: Discography for Ex Livid updated! Album page for ‘decay‘ added.


Garden of Stones

I’m currently waiting for approval to use my background music, made as Garden of Stones (2007-), for a video by a Dutch multi-media photographer/artist. More info when approved.

Apocalypse Radio

Specially for the very interested and extremely kind French woman who visited the Museum where I work today;

This is the stream I was talking about: Apocalypse Radio¬†– There are ways to play that same url in software like winamp or anything else that plays url streams. Sometimes even the ‘listen’ option will work.

Would love to hear your opinion.
Cheers, M.

Edit: Updated link!