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xlivid – Immortality Inhibitors – KRR118 – OUT NOW!

Yes, the album that was never officially released. Pre-mastering was already done so I don’t have to change much except for the tags. This will be a quick one as it will be uploaded as it was archived in 2006 when we finished it.

However, while digging thru the archives, I stumbled upon a very interesting back-up folder. Hiding a few different versions done between 2005-2007… And some are quite different. One of those was the REAL (instrumental) ‘Stuck In Time’ version from Time, which was eventually released on the _II DJ Promo. It made me grin a bit, because it’s instrumental, as many in that particular folder. And it also had a song ‘Remember me’ sung by Zania. I think it’s the only version that still has the vocals because most of the _II vocals by me, Zania and Irre got lost when the laptop was stolen after we recorded them. Some were still left in a back-up, most of the newer vox gone lost.

Just imagine the size of my archive. I even get lost in it sometimes…

edit: Oh, and this was the front in 2006 for the booklet:

xlivid - _II (2006 Artwork Front Booklet)

xlivid – _II (2006 Artwork Front Booklet)

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