KrrKrrKrr is the new name for the label previously known as Quercus Robur Media which evolved in The Noise Department.

The fundaments go 15 years back in time when Hydlide was born in 1997. The second project of founder Marco. The song ‘Noise Department’ seemed to be a good name for a label to release own produced material. See ‘History‘ for a full overview of the past releases.

The first official release on that label was ‘Trauma‘ by Hydlide. Followed up by Ex IQ, Legal Injury, Condomium, 8punkt3, The Wannabe Project, Black Tech Overdose, Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe, HTH, xlivid, Ex Livid, Actum Ne Agas, Bitch Per Minute, Sonitus Niger and last but probably not least, KrrKrrKrr.

So far, over 800 songs have been produced and still counting. Most succesful projects up til date are Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe, Bitch Per Minute and Sonitus Niger. The project xlivid is the only one known for live gigs in Huizen, Amsterdam and Leidschendam (NL). Earlier projects are known for their airplay on the Dutch radiostation KinkFM where I had the chance to present them during a 3hr ‘X-Rated’ show with DJ Arjen Grolleman (r.i.p., you are still sadly missed…)

KrrKrrKrr is the new label for Ex Livid, ANA, BPM, SN and KrrKrrKrr. All new and yet still unreleased material for these projects will be released under the wings of KrrKrrKrr. We’re not taking submissions for new artists yet.

Founder KrrKrrKrr

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