Actum Ne Agas Biography


“Do what hasn’t been done before” in Latin is the project founded by Marco, The Netherlands in 2006 as sideproject of Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe.

First starting as a duo with Ellen, who was part of YZ too at that time, and later asked 2 more members to go live on stage but, failed to get them interested in the – at that time – electronic ambient and new age sounds. Much later, when several songs were written and sadly becoming a one-man project again, it went silent around ANA. The first gloomy, ambient and darkened songs however found their way on LastFM and some are still available since early 2010 as demos.

In 2010, ANA was rudely awaken and took brutally revenge on the album ‘Sounds from the Lunatic Asylum’. Nothing like the first songs, nothing sounds as it was before. Written in chronological order and describes the full treatment of a patient in a mental institution and was slightly based on the film ‘A Clockwork Orange’.
ANA did something what hasn’t been done before… again. Destructive sounds, analogue synths and brainmelting beats – the new Actum Ne Agas style. ANA is not responsible for hearing damage after listening to any of the songs.

2012 marked the release of ‘More Sounds from the Lunatic Asylum’, a re-issue of the original album from 2010 including 5 bonustracks.

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