Bitch Per Minute Biography


Bitch Per Minute, a pun on the abbreviations BPM, was formed in 2007 by a virtual Second Life DJ, started as an experiment and turned into one big pile of fun for the producer to do.

The various songs, freely spread online, were that popular that they grabbed attention from several other artists and djs, playing them and gaining quite a bit of popularity. Meanwhile, everyone kept hunting for that mysterious unidentified producer behind the project. Who was that virtual avatar?

Loads of things have happened, releasing various songs in various ways. Remixing for various wellknown bands in various ways. Bitch Per Minute remixes were massive amounts of stomping beats, very Industrial and Powernoise like pieces of art which caused quite some response from listeners throughout the world.

The recent released album 333_88 aka “FU” was made for all those people who tried to find the producers’ real identity for the past 3 years. By now, everyone already knows that I am behind this project. And why? Some people know the reason and I don’t give a shit what you think of that. “It’s not the looks that makes the artist – the music makes the artist.”

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