Ex Livid Biography


Founded by Marco in 2002 as xlivid (No capital x), to express his aggressive harsh and melodic side. The music can be compared with Hocico, Dulce Liquido and :wumpscut: with a slight touch of industrial and noise elements – the lyrics often describe the concernes for the world and how it will end, some are even autobiographical and written straight from the heart.

The result was the first demo cd-r ‘2ND REVOLT’ in 2004. Seven pure xlivid songs with typical industrial intrumentals and a bonus you had never expected. Various up-tempo songs and of course the classic song ‘Vision’.

xlivid was working on their first album ‘Immortality Inhibitor’. Sacha joined xlivid in 2004, Zania joined in Nov. 2005 as the new lead-singer. We believed that we could kick some asses with this album. Unfortunately, Zania dissapeared after doing all vocals and 1 gig, we had to find a new singer for an upcoming live-gig in Leidschendam and she had to study all music and lyrics in 2 weeks. Apart from the disastrous technician during a gig in Amsterdam, it still went pretty okay with Irre as new singer who did a great job after 2 weeks. Also Gaby joined us on stage during these last 2 gigs on bass synths.

It was the last live show as well. I decided to put an end to it because we somehow lost contact after a break.
In 2007, Marco digged up some old songs which were never released and decided to update some versions. Ex Livid became the new name for the project and new songs were written and uploaded to Last.fm.

Due to positive response, some old vocals were re-done in 2010-2011, more songs had a massive update and now is the time to unleash the power of Ex Livid. The new album Code Red, featuring 39 songs, has been uploaded in raw form on last.fm and is slowly being updated whenever time is available.

Be prepared for some shocking facts. Ex Livid says it all and will not tolerate being classified under explicit lyrics damnation. Be free, say what you think…

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