Sonitus Niger Biography


Fascinated by the 80s wave, 80s synthpop and an English band called “The Art of Noise”, the man behind this all bought himself a MSX homecomputer around 1986 and started to write songs in Basic under the name “The Art Company”. The results were that good that he was asked to write backgroundmusic for a MSX club magazine. Alas, it was never released because the club decided to discontinue.

Around 1996 he began programming songs with trackers for the new PC and the first results were released under the name “Hydlide” in 1998. Many more songs followed in own releases for more industrial orientated genres and bands like “Ex IQ” and “Legal Injury” around 2000. Several small projects were founded thru the years but the most known was the project “Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe” in November 2000. The first EP ‘Xytrobuzyrrwe’, loads of demos and released MCDs and album ‘<off topic>’ were the highlights.

A bit fed up with the industrial/noise scene in the Netherlands made him decide to quit Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe and continued working on 2 other projects called “xlivid” (Dark Electro) and “Actum Ne Agas” (Electronic Folk/Ambient). However xlivid is gone now, Actum Ne Agas is kept safely aside as experimental testing project to become better and better.

In 2009 however, he wanted to do what he earlier managed to do with Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe and a very abstract Noise project called “Condomium”. To do what he felt he was doing the best; make rhythmic noise. Driving loops, powerkicks and samples, sometimes combined with humour is what “Sonitus Niger” is. The first songs were that promising that some were picked up by virtual djs and are played frequently in virtual clubs and webradio.

The year 2010 was finally the breakthru for Sonitus Niger. The webrelease of the selftitled album ‘Sonitus Niger’ on and demo ‘Maschinenzimmer 413’ were the needed push to sign with the label Moonslave Radio LC. Sonitus Niger worked on material in 2010 for the new album “Rest In Pieces” which has been released on February 15th 2011.

The last album ‘Armageddon’ – an ‘Ode to space’, was released on April 7th 2012 and contains 13 overly powernoised songs and a remix by Bitch Per Minute, free available.

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