The End.

All musical activities by me are ceased as of today. Thank you for your support.

KrrKrrKrr, The Netherlands.


Bitch Per Minute – Format \\WWW\*.* Released!

18 Bitch Per Minute Songs via Bandcamp, released on April Fools Days 2019.

Check it out HERE!

KrrKrrKrr – seX released!

It took a while but here it is, the new seX EP by KrrKrrKrr, featuring 6 songs which includes the 2018 versions of ABS and End Of Days as well. Find the player HERE!

KrrKrrKrr - seX (KRR148)

KrrKrrKrr – seX (KRR148)

Actum Ne Agas – (Too many) demos!

Finally, it’s re-re-re-re-re-re…released. All 13 Acts now included with 4 bonus versions of 3 Acts. I had to recreate a few instruments though, some sound similar, some totally not.

After all, one of the weirdest albums (read: demos) I’ve ever done. Melodic, moody and can make you cry if you got used to my harder previously released works.

Check KRR120 here!

PS: Not all songs can be listened to on purpose.

The Wannabe Project

Finally released as well, took me 15 years to do it. 6 Versions on the digital release including mixes by Ex Livid and Bitch Per Minute! Oh yeah baby… ^_^

For only 2 lousy Euros it’s yours… Oh, and the pre-listen for the BPM mix has been disabled on purpose. Come on folks, I need a holiday too! Can’t even afford myself a bus ticket to visit my parents anymore!

See its page HERE.

Ex Livid – While You Stitch (Overdose)

Edit: Discography for Ex Livid updated! Album page for ‘decay‘ added.