Bitch Per Minute – Format \\WWW\*.* Released!

18 Bitch Per Minute Songs via Bandcamp, released on April Fools Days 2019.

Check it out HERE!


I’m truly sorry for not keeping this up for so long. But, I’m currently processing and already did – a lot of new and old material. Most of them are already on bandcamp but haven’t had the time to add them here yet.

First new one added to my history is <off topic>, the 2002 album by Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe. Now available on bandcamp!

Also new on bandcamp since the previous post:

And… more to come… 😉

Migration completed

Migration completed!

  • will now forward to
  • The subdomains (ANA/SN/BPM) will forward to
  • hasn’t changed and will lead you to where you can find my radio.

All biographies and discographies are updated. Now I’m going to work on filling up the entire site with my personal database. All material that I have released will sooner or later be added here including discographies and possibly downloads as well.

Welcome back 😉



Einstein Released!

  • Just released: ‘Einstein’ by Bitch Per Minute!
    11 tracks via bandcamp. NAME YOUR PRICE!
  • Stahlschlag just released ‘Average Aggressive’ and the bonus CD has remixes by both Bitch Per Minute and Sonitus Niger.