Ex IQ – 9000 bc (2013)

Out NOW:

Ex IQ – 9000 bc (KRR105)

18 tracks, full artwork (Front/Back/Outer Tray) for a jewelcase, NO label, NO WAV – .flac and .mp3 available for €5,00 via bandcamp.

9000 BC 2013

Front Cover

Hydlide – Internal Impact (2013)

Out NOW:

Hydlide – Internal Impact (KRR103)

19 tracks, full artwork (Front/Back/Outer Tray) for a jewelcase, NO label, NO WAV – .flac and .mp3 available for €5,00 via bandcamp.

Internal Impact 2013

Front Cover

And that will be the last Hydlide album. For now. (Because I still have lots of old songs that were not even released yet. Perhaps those will see the daylight as free downloads in the future.)

Hydlide – Enter Your Passcode (2013)

Out NOW:

Hydlide – Enter Your Passcode (KRR102)

19 tracks, full artwork (Front/Back/Outer Tray) for a jewelcase, NO label, NO WAV – .flac and .mp3 available for €5,00 via bandcamp.

Hydlide - Enter Your Passcode

Front Cover

Hydlide – Trauma (2013)

Out NOW:

Hydlide – Trauma (KRR101)

16 tracks, full artwork (Front/Back/Outer Tray) for a jewelcase, NO label, NO WAV – .flac and .mp3 available for €5,00 via bandcamp.

Hydlide - Trauma (2013)

Front Cover

PS: Already had one question about it: Why no label?
A: If I ever get rich and famous with this, I hope you will all ask me to sign the CD(r) that YOU created. And it better be a label that YOU designed and not me. I like unique stuff. Yours is unique. And I will sign. (Boobs printed on the label are a definite autograph. I’ve always dreamed to sign boobs. -lol-)

CD-R and Back-up

If you ever tried to listen to your own recorded albums on CD-r and they’re about 20+ years old, you can probably throw them away…

Hydlide – Internal Impact (First version) is among them. I wasn’t able to extract the originals from that CD-r so I had to re-encode them due to a failing rip session. However, I was able to save them anyway thanks to hard-disk back-ups and Winamp that supports FastTracker2 .xm files. (Yes, I am THAT old.) Besides that, to my surprise, both Internal Impact versions (1999 & 2001) differ that much that I’ve decided to release them separately. And to throw in more surprises; Enter Your Passcode (Originally a Maxi-CD) will contain a few unreleased versions and mixes as bonus, this time as full album. So… that’s gonna be 4 new releases at first. Just to make it harder for you to choose harhar:

  • Trauma (16 Tracks)
  • Internal Impact (13 Tracks)
  • Enter Your Passcode (9+ Tracks)
  • Internal Impact 2 (16 Tracks, may change though)

This is gonna be a huge project… But I’m having fun doing it and believe me; the new Trauma already sounds awesome. It’s still old-school Industrial but as “Pioneer of the Dutch Industrial Scene” (as someone called me once on a wikipedia page -lol-), I think I can. 😉

History added

I have started to add my entire history on krrkrrkrr.com and every project I did is mentioned on this page. For now, most of the links forward you to last.fm pages but in the future, every project will lead to a full discography page for each. And yes, there will be material up on Bandcamp too eventually. It will take lots of time because I want to remaster most of it and present worthy downloads in high quality.

Have patience, this is not done in a week. 😉

Migration completed

Migration completed!

  • http://www.krrkrrkrr.com will now forward to krrkrrkrr.wordpress.com
  • The subdomains (ANA/SN/BPM) will forward to krrkrrkrr.wordpress.com
  • radio.krrkrrkrr.com hasn’t changed and will lead you to renoize.dontexist.net:9001 where you can find my radio.

All biographies and discographies are updated. Now I’m going to work on filling up the entire site with my personal database. All material that I have released will sooner or later be added here including discographies and possibly downloads as well.

Welcome back 😉



Einstein Released!

  • Just released: ‘Einstein’ by Bitch Per Minute!
    11 tracks via bandcamp. NAME YOUR PRICE!
  • Stahlschlag just released ‘Average Aggressive’ and the bonus CD has remixes by both Bitch Per Minute and Sonitus Niger.