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xlivid – Immortality Inhibitors – KRR118 – OUT NOW!

Yes, the album that was never officially released. Pre-mastering was already done so I don’t have to change much except for the tags. This will be a quick one as it will be uploaded as it was archived in 2006 when we finished it.

However, while digging thru the archives, I stumbled upon a very interesting back-up folder. Hiding a few different versions done between 2005-2007… And some are quite different. One of those was the REAL (instrumental) ‘Stuck In Time’ version from Time, which was eventually released on the _II DJ Promo. It made me grin a bit, because it’s instrumental, as many in that particular folder. And it also had a song ‘Remember me’ sung by Zania. I think it’s the only version that still has the vocals because most of the _II vocals by me, Zania and Irre got lost when the laptop was stolen after we recorded them. Some were still left in a back-up, most of the newer vox gone lost.

Just imagine the size of my archive. I even get lost in it sometimes…

edit: Oh, and this was the front in 2006 for the booklet:

xlivid - _II (2006 Artwork Front Booklet)

xlivid – _II (2006 Artwork Front Booklet)


DJ Set by DJ Jinx (club re:noize radio)

Not for the weak at heart. 😉

_II (DJ Promo) now available!

Now available, the first new xlivid songs from the album that was never released. This is the promo that was given for free to DJs (and I think I still have a few around somewhere).

All original 4 songs included, exactly as they were. I did not remaster them, so credits go to Geert de Wilde for mastering. Check it out here!

Currently working on…

xlivid – 2ND REVOLT (KRR113)

An extremely easy to master EP except that all kicks were totally off and too much in the center equalized. Had a lot of fun with this one!

This is not the average power noise banger like you’re normally used to hear from me but it still remains a bouncy Dark Electro/Industrial/Aggrotech EP. And… you can hear me sing. Bad, I know, but I do.

Edit: Online now!


Ok, with all 2002 released material from Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe back up and running on Bandcamp, time has come to work on the next ones. So far I still have to dig through dozens of old versions that are sometimes slightly different, sometimes a lot.

It’s not the difference in versions that holds me back, it’s the audio format that sometimes gives me headaches. Some are only 128kbit mp3, some are even WAV. Some are leveled pretty well, some are way over the 0db. Which makes it sometimes impossible for me to master them to pleasant levels. However, I’m getting the hang of it and enjoy doing it myself.

I’m gonna work on the following material in the next weeks:

  • Condomium (Its only album) – KRR111
  • 8punkt3 (The only demo) – KRR112
  • xlivid (2ND REVOLT and the album that was never released!) – KRR113/117/118
  • Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe (Both demos and ‘Look What I Found In The Fridge’) – KRR114/115
  • The Wannabe Project (Which is too hilarious to mention though…) – KRR116
  • HTH (Early demos that were pushed over to Ex Livid) – KRR119
  • Actum Ne Agas (Very early demos) – KRR120
  • Ex Livid (Well… this is going to be a tricky one…) – KRR121/122

And then… I’ll dig my way through my archives and will synchronize bandcamp with it. If there is anything still missing (which is 100% possible), then I’ll remaster it and upload it to bandcamp in the end to complete the collection.

Cheers, Marco.


I’m truly sorry for not keeping this up for so long. But, I’m currently processing and already did – a lot of new and old material. Most of them are already on bandcamp but haven’t had the time to add them here yet.

First new one added to my history is <off topic>, the 2002 album by Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe. Now available on bandcamp!

Also new on bandcamp since the previous post:

And… more to come… 😉

Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe – 8 Blocks Ahead (KRR107)

Out NOW:

Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe – 8 Blocks Ahead (KRR107)

9 Tracks including the ‘7 Blocks Ahead Megamix’! Full artwork (Front/Back/Outer Tray) for a jewelcase, NO label, NO WAV – .flac and .mp3 available for €5,00 via bandcamp.

8 Blocks Ahead

Front Cover