Your KrrKrrKrr manager does not only DJ, produce, design and whatever you can think of – he also loves to remix your music!

Want a remix of that song that didn’t make it for an album because it missed something? Or want a catchy distorted beat that will rule the club? Send an email with the song you want a remix of and mention which project from KrrKrrKrr has to do it. We will reply with the rates and ask you for a remix kit and deadline if you agree to these terms.

1. You will gain the rights over the remix after payment.
2. You will always keep your rights over your own song.
3. I send my remixes as -3db stereo 44.1Khz 16bit WAV and no peaks for complete flexibility during mastering. Other formats on request.
4. I never share the original remix files during production nor your kits.
5. I only require credits for the work I did. Mention me in liner notes please.

Remember, the worse it is, the better the result. Challenge me, surprise me! And I will surprise you even more.

Marco – on behalf of
KrrKrrKrr, ANA, BPM, Ex Livid, SN.

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