I’m still working on the upcoming releases from The Wannabe Project and whatever is still around covered by dust. Also the ‘Fridge’ album from Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe will sooner or later see the light. Besides those, I’m digging through the archives from Ex Livid and have about 50+ new versions and unreleased songs, waiting to be redone. So, that will take a while to finish.

I’ve also recorded my missing songs from The Noise Department using my MSX emulator. This needs more work than expected so that will take a while before you can listen to my earliest 8-bit bleeps.

Cheers, M.

Currently working on… (3)

With the release of the LONG awaited ‘Immortality Inhibitors‘ by xlivid last night, I’ve been working on the catalog page today. Half of it has already been added, still need to do the ones that are already mentioned on this site somewhere. Also to do, add lots of old artwork from the releases that are not available anymore. And it seems that I need to update a few old image links that are currently a nice error 404…

Speaking of… Error 404… I just found the master CDR’s back from both the DUMNN (2002) and numb (2004) demos by Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe! Aye! And ‘Error 404’ was a song released on numb and the 2006 album ‘Look What I Found In The Fridge’. So, expect those 2 demos up this week as FREE 11-track album (KRR114) on my exploding Bandcamp page. (edit from author: it will be 10+1. That bonus track is something special… You can ask Miss Arrogance below to verify. AND DAMN – I LOST THE VOCALS! Your fault! LOL- kidding, I still think of you.)

Again, my apologies in advance for the massive amounts of data slapped in your face at the moment but, now is the time to do it or it will never happen. Don’t think I’m trying to spam, I just did a shit-lot in the past and I work fast. Thanks for understanding. Or not. :p

Oh, and this was YZ in 2005:

Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe 2005 (Ignorance & Arrogance)

Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe 2005 (Ignorance & Arrogance)

Currently working on… (2)

xlivid – Immortality Inhibitors – KRR118 – OUT NOW!

Yes, the album that was never officially released. Pre-mastering was already done so I don’t have to change much except for the tags. This will be a quick one as it will be uploaded as it was archived in 2006 when we finished it.

However, while digging thru the archives, I stumbled upon a very interesting back-up folder. Hiding a few different versions done between 2005-2007… And some are quite different. One of those was the REAL (instrumental) ‘Stuck In Time’ version from Time, which was eventually released on the _II DJ Promo. It made me grin a bit, because it’s instrumental, as many in that particular folder. And it also had a song ‘Remember me’ sung by Zania. I think it’s the only version that still has the vocals because most of the _II vocals by me, Zania and Irre got lost when the laptop was stolen after we recorded them. Some were still left in a back-up, most of the newer vox gone lost.

Just imagine the size of my archive. I even get lost in it sometimes…

edit: Oh, and this was the front in 2006 for the booklet:

xlivid - _II (2006 Artwork Front Booklet)

xlivid – _II (2006 Artwork Front Booklet)

Currently working on…

xlivid – 2ND REVOLT (KRR113)

An extremely easy to master EP except that all kicks were totally off and too much in the center equalized. Had a lot of fun with this one!

This is not the average power noise banger like you’re normally used to hear from me but it still remains a bouncy Dark Electro/Industrial/Aggrotech EP. And… you can hear me sing. Bad, I know, but I do.

Edit: Online now!

CD-R and Back-up

If you ever tried to listen to your own recorded albums on CD-r and they’re about 20+ years old, you can probably throw them away…

Hydlide – Internal Impact (First version) is among them. I wasn’t able to extract the originals from that CD-r so I had to re-encode them due to a failing rip session. However, I was able to save them anyway thanks to hard-disk back-ups and Winamp that supports FastTracker2 .xm files. (Yes, I am THAT old.) Besides that, to my surprise, both Internal Impact versions (1999 & 2001) differ that much that I’ve decided to release them separately. And to throw in more surprises; Enter Your Passcode (Originally a Maxi-CD) will contain a few unreleased versions and mixes as bonus, this time as full album. So… that’s gonna be 4 new releases at first. Just to make it harder for you to choose harhar:

  • Trauma (16 Tracks)
  • Internal Impact (13 Tracks)
  • Enter Your Passcode (9+ Tracks)
  • Internal Impact 2 (16 Tracks, may change though)

This is gonna be a huge project… But I’m having fun doing it and believe me; the new Trauma already sounds awesome. It’s still old-school Industrial but as “Pioneer of the Dutch Industrial Scene” (as someone called me once on a wikipedia page -lol-), I think I can. 😉